20-12-2011 Torpedo Update

Just a wee update to keep our readers up to speed. We have now ordered a larger brushless 3volt motor for the torpedo and eagerly await its arrival. In the meantime we have made a nylon nose and tail to compensate for the added weight of the new motor.



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2 Responses to 20-12-2011 Torpedo Update

  1. Paul Rogers says:

    Interesting to read of your plans to build/convert a VIIB U Boat.
    I have a Sheerline VIIB at 1/40 scale with static dive which I am currently in the process of refurbishing for a Spring 2013 launch. I shall watch your progress with Interest.
    Good hunting!

  2. dean says:

    It’ll take us a little longer to get to the launch I fear! Do you have a website for your project?

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