Since the last update we have been busy with the bow and the mechanism for the torpedo doors, the anchor and the front planes. We have made springs to hold the torpedo doors closed. The doors are opened by pulling the springs with a geared motor (each door has its own motor). The mechanism to move the front planes up and down remains a problem. Calculations based on the original boat show that they should move 30 degrees (15 degrees up and down respectively) in about 5 seconds. This requires some serious gearing which was solved by a worm gear. Unfortunately the gearing takes up too much space to be placed under the torpedo tubes where the front planes are located. This means we will have to construct some kind of lever system in order to place the gears inside the watertight compartment. The anchor winch has also caused major problems. Originally we have made a spoked wheel to take the anchor up and down, but this has proved unreliable because the wheel not infrequently insists on wrapping the anchor chain around itself. Several different mechanical methods were tried to alleviate this problem, to no avail. We are currently in the process of constructing a double-wheeled mechanism which will have the added advantage of enabling the anchor to be put down in a free fall.

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